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About Transplant Surgeon in India                

Overview of Transplant Specialist in India

A Transplant surgeon specializes in transplant surgeries and post-operative care of patients who undergo organ transplants, such kidney, liver, pancreas or heart. A transplant specialist thoroughly studies the medical condition of patients and also consult other doctors to evaluate the risks and benefits associated with the surgery, if any. They often refer to several case studies to make better decision about the surgery.

Procedures Offered by Transplant surgeon in India

The list of procedures performed by Transplant surgeons in India is given below:

  1. Hemodialysis
  2. Kidney Transplant
  3. Bone Marrow Transplant
  4. Liver transplant

Heart transplantation in India is affordable compared to many other countries and is performed under the supervision of highly trained transplant surgeons, who follow a multidisciplinary approach and stringent protocols to ensure high-standard care.

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What is the starting cost of telemedicine consultation for Transplant surgeons in India?

Transplant surgeons in India charge around $13 for telemedicine consultation. Online consultation cost for a Transplant surgeon in India is based on the doctor, years of experience of the doctor, discounts available, and the technology used.

Which are some of the other top countries where Transplant surgeons offer Telemedicine?

Some of the major destinations where Transplant surgeons offer telemedicine are:

  1. India
  2. Turkey
  3. Spain

Transplant surgeons in these countries are more preferred for teleconsultation for organ transplantation-related cases as they are highly professional and well-trained to effectively understand the condition of patients. These countries also have liberal telemedicine policies and ensure complete transparency in providing virtual care.

Which are some of the most commonly spoken languages by Transplant surgeons in India?

Transplant surgeons in India are proficient in

  • French
  • Arabic
  • English

Many of them can also communicate in other languages, such as Spanish. The doctors have excellent communication skills and they are good at evaluating the health conditions of patients through online consultation. Transplant surgeons also seek the help of language-assistance software and trained interpreters who contribute to the effective communication between a doctor and a patient during a telemedicine session.

How to choose the best Transplant surgeon for a teleconsultation in India?

Choosing the best Transplant surgeon in India for teleconsultation is a critical task. You should consider a few things while selecting a doctor, such as the qualification and experience of the doctor, the technology used by the doctor. You can also refer to reliable review plattforms which offers genuine reviews. Other ways is to ask someone who has availed teleconsultation earlier. They will share their experience about the quality of the doctor.

Which are some of the top hospitals the transplant specialists are associated with?

Following are some of the top hospitals transplant specialists in India are associated with:

  1. Global Health City
  2. Sterling Wockhardt Hospital
  3. HCG Kalinga Rao Road
  4. Fortis Hospital Mohali
  5. Medanta
  6. Artemis Health Institute

With many years of experience in telemedicine, the highly trained Transplant surgeons have received recognition for their friendly nature and effective communication with patients, thus ensuring patient satisfaction and accurate health advice.

Who are the top Transplant surgeons in India offering telemedicine?