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About Orthopedics Specialist in Turkey                

Overview of Orthopedic Specialist in Turkey

Orthopedic specialists are working on the parts of your musculoskeletal system which include muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons and joints. Your approach person for any injury or ailment relating to the musculoskeletal system should be a non surgical orthopedist on whose recommendation you must decide whether you need surgery or not. You can approach either a generalist or a sub specialist for your orthopedic treatment in Turkey, sub specialists treat you for ailments and injuries of any particular part of the body like knees, ankle or the foot etc. It is the huge, reputed yet stable health system in Turkey that supports the orthopedic specialists in the country.

Procedures Offered by Orthopedic Specialist in Turkey

There are several procedures offered by orthopedic specialists in Turkey, few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Shoulder Tendon Repair-Rotator Cuff
  2. Ankle Fusion Surgery
  3. Knee Arthroscopy
  4. Total Knee Replacement Surgery U/L
  5. Total Knee Replacement B/L
  6. Total Hip Replacement B/L
  7. Hip Resurfacing Surgery
  8. Shoulder Replacement
  9. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
  10. Meniscectomy
  11. Total Hip Replacement U/L
  12. Meniscus Repair
  13. Shoulder Arthroscopy
  14. Carpal Tunnel Release

In Turkey, the orthopedic procedures are measuring upto the challenges by incorporating the best practices prevalent in the world with advancements in the sector. The kind of conditions that are treated through orthopedic procedures are tumors, congenital disorders, musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, degenerative diseases and infections. No matter what condition ails you, the orthopedic specialists in Turkey are solution oriented towards your convenience and comfort.

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What is the starting cost of telemedicine consultation for Orthopedic Specialists in Turkey?

Telemedicine consultation in Turkey is very reasonably priced and for Orthopedic specialists in Turkey it is as low as US$ 126 (approx.). The quality of Orthopedic specialists who offer telemedicine consultation is very good despite the service being really reasonably priced.Despite the economical costs, the quality of Orthopedic specialists in Turkey who offer telemedicine consultation is very good. Reaching out to your physician was never this easy and seamless as it is with telemedicine consultation services. Orthopedic specialists in Turkey are taking to technology well and are using their knowledge and skills to help people with their orthopedic issues.

Which are some of the other top countries where Orthopedic Specialists offer Telemedicine?

The other top countries where Orthopedic specialists offer telemedicine are:

  1. Thailand
  2. Lithuania
  3. The United Arab Emirates
  4. Turkey
  5. United States
  6. India
  7. Spain

Patients in all kinds of economies whether it is a developed or a developing economy are connecting with their orthopedic specialists through telemedicine consultations. Teleconsultation helps not just primary care doctors but also medical establishments to get the much needed knowledge sharing from orthopedists through this medium. The patients feel empowered and in control and the relationship between physican and patient becomes stronger.

Which are the top hospitals in Turkey with which telemedicine doctors are associated?

The top hospitals with which orthopedic specialists in Turkey offering telemedicine are associated with are:

  1. Medical Park Samsun Tip Merkezi
  2. Medical Park Samsun Hospital
  3. Antalya Anadolu Hospital
  4. Anadolu Medical Center
  5. Medipol Mega University Hospital
  6. Memorial Sisli Hospital

The hospitals in Turkey with whom good orthopedists offering telemedicine in India are associated with are ensuring a better connect between patients and doctors. The best in class infrastructure, integrated healthcare systems work in balance with telemedicine technology. Major hospitals in Turkey with a strong orthopedic setup are adapting to telemedicine.

What are the qualifications and credentials of Orthopedic Specialists in Turkey?

An orthopedist or orthopedic specialist needs to undergo the following kinds of education post their MBBS:

  • A qualified orthopaedic surgeon must have completed the DNB(Orth) or MS(Orth) programs.
  • Orthopedists or Orthopedic doctors must have completed their MD which is a 3 year course.
  • Optional: DM (Doctorate of Medicine) course or MCh (Master of Chirurgiae) course of 3 years duration.

As a part of their education, an orthopedic specialist completes their residency as well Apart from having the right education and training, years of experience adds to the credentials of your doctor. The orthopedic specialist in Turkey has the capacity to work long hours and posses strong analytical and problem solving abilities.

How to choose the best Orthopedic specialist for a teleconsultation in Turkey?

The comfort with technology, education and experience are all factors to be considered if you are looking for the best orthopedic specialist for a teleconsultation in Turkey. It is important that you check the reviews and patient testimonials of the orthopedic specialists. Instead of pushing you to get a particular procedure done your doctor must enable the decision by giving you the right consultation. Plus, he/she will always have a patient centric approach and will help you to make decisions from consultation to rehabilitation.

Which are some of the most commonly spoken languages by Orthopedic Specialists in Turkey?

The most common languages spoken by Orthopedic specialists in Turkey are

  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. German
  4. Russian
Who are the top Orthopedic specialists in Turkey offering telemedicine ?

Telemedicine makes it easy for you to get access to the right information regards your treatment from good doctors. Pediatric orthopedics, sports medicine, hip and knee replacement are some of the super specialties of the doctors. Please see some of the top orthopedists in Turkey offering telemedicine services.:

Doctor NameCostSchedule Consultation
Dr. Professor Mehmet Kerem CanboraUSD 126Book Consultation
Dr. Haluk CabukUSD 130Book Consultation
Dr. Erden ErturerUSD 160Book Consultation