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General Laparoscopic Surgeon

About General Surgeon in India                

Overview of General Surgeon in India

Whether it is a simple or an advanced surgical procedure, General Surgeons treat you for conditions that arise in the soft body tissues. The skill of general surgeons ensure that the procedures they perform enable faster recovery, less healing times and least pain. A general surgeon has the responsibility of managing the entire surgical care of the patient from checking their medical reports, pre operative, post operative care and diagnosis. General surgeons in India are providing exceptional medical treatments to their patients based on the latest research.

Procedures Offered by General Surgeon in India

We bring to you the many procedures performed in India by General Surgeons:

  1. Whipple's Procedure
  2. Appendectomy
  3. Laparoscopic Hernia Repair
  4. Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Removal

The most effective surgical techniques and high tech tools are making general surgery procedures the most sought after in India. Doctors who specialise in treating different kinds of illnesses or injuries through surgery are known as general surgeons. You must see your general surgeon when your primary care physician recommends surgery, in case of any medical emergency or when you have chosen to get an elective procedure done.

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What is the starting cost of telemedicine consultation for General Surgeons in India?

In a starting cost of US$14, you can avail of telemedicine consultation from General Surgeons in India. Connectivity in healthcare has undergone a positive change with the help of this hassle free convenient consultation method. Telemedicine helps overcome irregular distribution of the density of doctors and their mismatch with the number of patients and their requirements. Healthcare not just in India but everywhere is now more patient friendly and simple than it ever was before.

Which are some of the other top countries where General Surgeons offer Telemedicine?

General surgeons offer telemedicine in many countries around the world such as:

  1. Turkey
  2. India
  3. Thailand
  4. Lithuania
  5. The United Arab Emirates

The governments and private organisations in many countries are working to encourage the use of telemedicine to improve healthcare service delivery. As a medical treatment platform, telemedicine is growing in many countries because of several factors such as cost savings, public acceptance and technological advancements in these countries. In the process of upgradation of healthcare services, patient accessibility is essential and telemedicine helps accomplish this very well.

Which are the top hospitals with which General Surgeon in India offering Telemedicine are associated with?

There are many top hospitals with which General Surgeons in India offering telemedicine are associated with such as:

  1. BLK Super Speciality Hospital
  2. Fortis Hospital
  3. Narayana Hrudayalaya- Bangalore
  4. Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh
  5. Columbia Asia Hospital - Palam Vihar
  6. Fortis La Femme

Healthcare in India is going through a positive change owing to the increasing adaptation of technology in the form of telemedicine which is adding lots of value to service delivery. The patients’ perception towards the hospital and the physician changes positively with the introduction of telemedicine and even so for the healthcare personnel working in the hospital becomes a positive experience. Telemedicine helps overcome a lot of concerns whether it is improving connectivity, patient doctor ratio and easing the end to end patient care process.

What are the qualifications and credentials of General Surgeons in India?

Qualifications to become a General Surgeon in India are:

  1. MBBS
  2. MS (General Surgery)

Qualities such as manual dexterity, excellent hand eye coordination, sharp vision and organisation skills will help one in becoming the best General Surgeon. A credential that is important in any doctor and not just a General Surgeon is their ability to learn, adapt to and apply the new surgical techniques thus improving the quality of work over time. Having indepth knowledge about many sub specialties like breast, endocrine, colorectal, upper and lower gastrointestinal, kidney and liver transplant and vascular surgery makes for a good General Surgeon.

Which are some of the most commonly spoken languages by General Surgeons in India?

General Surgeons in India speak different languages, such as

  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. French

Who are the top General Surgeons in India offering telemedicine ? The patients are able to work towards the right solutions because they are now interacting with their General Surgeons using the medium of telemedicine. Virtual consultation has been made possible today despite lack of physical proximity between the doctor and the patient. The growth story of healthcare in India is a positive one with multidimensional growth in the technical and technological spheres with doctors aiding this rise in a major way. We have outlined for you the top general surgeons in India who offer telemedicine services.:

Doctor NameCostSchedule Consultation
Dr. Tushar AeronUSD 35Book Consultation
Dr. Muneendra GuptaUSD 23Book Consultation
Dr. Balkishan GuptaUSD 14Book Consultation
Dr. Sheikh Sajad AhmadUSD 18Book Consultation
Dr. Vinay ShawUSD 18Book Consultation
Dr. Ashish SadanaUSD 35Book Consultation
Dr. Pradeep JainUSD 30Book Consultation