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About Cancer Specialist in Turkey                

Overview of Cancer Specialist in Turkey

Cancer specialists, also called oncologists, are physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating cancer. A cancer specialist can be categorized into different types based on the nature of the treatment they provide. The main types are:

  1. Medical oncologists,
  2. Surgical oncologists, and
  3. Radiation oncologists

The above set of categotization can be better understood below:

  1. Surgical Oncologist: A surgical oncologist performs surgery to remove tumors and places port for chemotherapy.
  2. Medical Oncologist: An oncologist who specializes in treating cancer with medicines, such as chemotherapy, along with medical therapies like immunotherapy.
  3. Radiation Oncologist: A cancer doctor who specializes in giving radiation therapy to treat cancer.

Turkey has some of the best cancer specialists who have reported a very high success rate and have vast experience in handling even the most complex cases with precision and accuracy.

Procedures performed by a Cancer Specialist in Turkey

Here is a list of procedures that are performed by a cancer specialist in Turkey.

  1. Surgery: Removal of cancer through surgery.
  2. Chemotherapy: A drug treatment that uses chemicals to kill the cancer cells in the body.
  3. Immunotherapy: A type of cancer treatment that targets the immune system to fight cancer.
  4. Radiation therapy: It is a type of cancer treatment that uses beams of energy to kill cancer cells.
  5. Hormone therapy: A type of cancer treatment that slows or halts the growth of cancer through the use of hormones.
  6. Targeted drug therapy: A cancer treatment that uses drugs to target certain genes and proteins that trigger cancer growth.
  7. Cryoablation: Cryoablation is a process that uses cold to destroy cancerous tissues.
  8. External Beam Radiation or Brachytherapy: Brachytherapy is a procedure that treats cancer by placing radioactive material inside the body.

Many international patients seek chemotherapy in Turkey due to affordable cost and highly trained doctors who provide excellent care. The cost of chemotherapy varies with the hospital and the type and dosage of drugs used. Some of the most popular procedures performed by cancer specialists are:

  1. Prostatectomy
  2. Hemicolectomy
  3. Mastectomy
  4. Prostate Cancer Treatment
  5. Brain Cancer Treatment
  6. Stomach Cancer Treatment
  7. Lung Cancer Treatment
  8. Chemotherapy
  9. Oral cancer Treatment
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What is the starting cost of telemedicine consultation for Cancer Specialists in Turkey?

The minimum cost of telemedicine consultation for Cancer Specialists in Turkey is $160. Depending on the service provider you choose, the overall experience of a doctor, and the kind of technology used, the cost of telemedicine consultation might vary.

Which are some of the other top countries where Cancer Specialists offer Video Consultation?

A number of countries have world-class cancer specialists that offer video consultation. Here is a list of such countries:

  1. India
  2. Turkey
  3. Spain
  4. Thailand
  5. Lithuania
  6. The United Arab Emirates

These countries have received worldwide recognition for telemedicine for cancer care due to several factors, including highly skilled and trained cancer doctors, licensed telemedicine providers, use of robust technology, liberal government regulations.

Which are some of the most commonly spoken languages by Cancer Specialists in Turkey?

Medically trained interpreters are of great help for effective communication between a doctor and a patient during a telemedicine session. The interpreters focus on the accuracy of the translation in order to enable doctors to provide the correct advice. Cancer specialists in Turkey are proficient in many languages, such as

  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • German
  • English
Which are the top hospitals with which cancer specialists in Turkey offering Telemedicine are associated with?

Cancer specialists in Turkey are associated with some of the top hospitals listed below:

  1. Anadolu Medical Center
  2. Memorial Sisli Hospital
  3. Medical Park Samsun Hospital
  4. Medical Park Samsun Tip Merkezi
  5. Antalya Anadolu Hospital
  6. Medicana Bahcelievler

Backed by highly qualified and experienced cancer specialists and advanced technology, these hospitals strive to provide world-class telemedicine services by ensuring complete transparency in the system.

Who are the top Cancer specialists in Turkey offering telemedicine?

Below is the list of renowned cancer specialists in Turkey who offer telemedicine:

Doctor NameCostSchedule Consultation
Dr. Ertugrul GaziogluUSD 160Book Consultation
Dr. Emel Ceylan GunayUSD 160Book Consultation
Dr. Meltem Topalgokceli SelamUSD 160Book Consultation
Dr. Tahir KaradenizUSD 160Book Consultation

There are several factors that contribute to the popularity of cancer specialists in India offering telemedicine, including their vast experience in teleconsultation, their friendly behaviour, excellent communication skill, and their holistic approach.

How to choose the best Cancer specialist for a teleconsultation in Turkey?

It is crucial to choose the right cancer specialist for a teleconsultation. Referring to review websites that provide real reviews is an effective way to find the best cancer doctor in Turkey. The other best option is to talk to your friends, relative, or someone who availed teleconsultation in the past. They can tell you how were their experiences with the doctor. You can also refer to the website of MediGence to find the best Cancer Specialists in Turkey.

What are the qualifications and credentials of Cancer Specialists in Turkey?

Following are some of the qualifications which are most common among heart specialists in Turkey:

  1. MD (Medicine/ Paediatrics)
  2. MS
  3. MCh (Surgical Oncology)
  4. MBBS
  5. DNB
  6. MCh
  7. DM (Medical Oncology)
  8. MD in Radiotherapy