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About Brain And Spine Specialist in Spain                

Overview of Spine Specialist in Spain

A brain and spine specialist is a health professional who focuses mainly on treating brain and spine conditions. Based on the approach of treatment, a brain and spine specialist can be classified into two main types-

  1. Neurologists and
  2. Neurosurgeons.

A neurologist is a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing as well as treating conditions that affect the nervous system. They can treat a wide range of brain disorders like brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, brain and spinal cord injury, back pain, etc. A neurologist who treats brain conditions in children is known as a pediatric neurologist. A doctor who performs surgery to treat the conditions of brain and spine is called a neurosurgeon.

Procedures performed by a Spine Specialist in Spain

Below is a list of procedures performed by a brain and spine specialist in Spain:

  1. Microdiscectomy
  2. Craniotomy
  3. Brain Tumour Treatment
  4. Laminectomy
  5. Brachial Plexus Injuries/Stereotactic Procedures
  6. Kyphoplasty
  7. Deep Brain Stimulation
  8. Scoliosis Surgery
  9. Spinal Fusion

All these procedures are performed with a high success rate at state-of-art hospitals under the supervision of skilled brain and spine specialists. Brain and spine specialists perform a wide range of spinal procedures from Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery to major spine surgery procedures like complex spinal reconstructions.

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What is the starting cost of telemedicine consultation for brain and spine specialists in Spain?

The cost of telemedicine consultation for brain and spine specialists in Spain starts from $500. Some of the main factors that impact the cost of telemedicine are the service provider, experience and success rate of a doctor, and technology used.

Which are some of the other top countries where brain and spine specialists offer Telemedicine?

Below is a list of some of the popular countries where brain and spine specialists offer teleconsultation:

  1. Spain
  2. Turkey
  3. India
  4. Thailand
  5. The United Arab Emirates
  6. Lithuania

These countries are more preferred for seeking telemedicine due to cheap teleconsultation fees, use of advanced technology, highly trained spine and brain doctors, and liberal government laws.

Which are some of the most commonly spoken languages by brain and spine specialists in Spain ?

The most common languages spoken by brain and spine specialists in Spain are Spanish, English, Portugese, French Doctors take the help of medically trained interpreters who provide real-time translation during a telemedicine session. These interpreters narrow down the language barrier between a doctor and a patient.

Who are the top brain and spine specialists in Spain offering telemedicine?

Spain has some top-class brain and spine specialists who offer telemedicine, including::

Doctor NameCostSchedule Consultation
Dr. Antonio RussiUSD 833Book Consultation
Dr. Oliver Abadal BartolomeUSD 833Book Consultation
Dr. Enric CaceresUSD 606Book Consultation
Dr. Pablo Clavel LariaUSD 500Book Consultation

These highly skilled brain and spine specialists have received worldwide recognition for their high success rates, excellence in communication, vast experience in teleconsultation.

Which are the top hospitals with which brain and spine specialists in Spain offering Telemedicine are associated with?

The top hospitals with which brain and spine specialists in Spain offering Telemedicine are associated include:

  1. Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital
  2. Quironsalud Barcelona Hospital
  3. Centro Medico Teknon
  4. Hospital Ruber International
  5. Quironsalud Marbella Hospital
  6. Quironsalud Madrid University Hospital

Known for providing effective telemedicine services, these hospitals offer the best treatment options for a number of neurological conditions like Alzheimer's disease, seizures, brain tumor, and stroke. Supported by highly experienced brain and spine specialists and advanced technology, these hospitals provide world-class telemedicine services by ensuring complete transparency in the system.

What are the qualifications and credentials of a Spine Specialist in Spain?

Spain produces some of the finest heart specialists in the world and this mainly attributed to high-quality medical education. Heart doctors need to qualify for stringent competitive examinations and then pursue 5 and 1/2 year-MBBS course (including an internship) followed by a mandatory masters degree in cardiology. The government of Spain has mandated for all doctors in Spain to serve the rural areas for 2-5 years as part of their initial professional training which enriches their skills and practical knowledge. Also, many of these doctors travel abroad to work with world-class doctors and know about various new approaches and techniques. Following are some of the most qualifications which a Spine Specialist holds:

  • MBBS
  • MCh (Neuro-Surgery)
  • DM (Neurology)