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Enhanced Collaboration
Enhanced Collaboration
  • It is now easy for the Doctor and Patient to collaborate from two distant locations
  • Real-time screening of Scans and Reports helps in better explanation of the diagnose to the patient
  • A better collaboration results in better clinical outcome
Download Recorded Consultation
  • Each consultation on our platform is held in private
  • Recorded video consultation is available only for the patient to download
Download Recorded Consultation
Notes & Prescription
Doctor Notes & Prescription
  • Doctor feedback, Handwritten notes, and Prescription can be accessed from the patient dashboard
We value your privacy
  • We consider your data privacy as our top priority to safeguard our patients
  • All Healthcare records and teleconsultation stored securely on HIPAA compliant servers on Cloud
  • We do not sell or access your data for any marketing purpose
We value your privacy
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MediGence offers holistic patient care experience to medical travelers around the world. We aim to reduce barriers in the healthcare system. Patients who are looking to travel abroad for treatment, or availing the second opinion can do so with our expert set of Internationally Acclaimed Doctors.

MediGence is one of the leading platforms for international healthcare travelers. We have ties with over 400+ internationally accredited hospitals across 24+ destinations with 1000+ internationally certified doctors available to assist you with the expert opinion on your diagnose.

Simply search and select the doctor offering Video Consultation and the preferred date for the consultation and pay online using our Secured payment gateway for the consultation and you are all set for the best experience.

Our platform is robust and secured following HIPAA and GDPR guidelines to ensure data privacy and security norms as per global standards.

It is simple. Send us your consent after consultation to move forward and we shall book your appointment and organize everything including Visa, Stay, Appointment and schedules, Airport transfer and end-to-end Coordination for your medical travel.